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Global B2B Growth - Differentiating a food ingredient in a price-competitive environment 


The Challenge:  

  • SPLENDA® Sucralose, the global leader in no-calorie sweetening ingredients, came under attack from offshore suppliers due to a patent expiring, promising customers the same product at lower cost.

  • Since the competitive product met the technical requirements for the ingredient at a lower price, and as this ingredient was usually listed relatively low on ingredient panels, this was a tempting proposition for customers.

  • The team’s goal was to maximize retention of this highly profitable business for Tate & Lyle (the manufacturer).

The Approach: 

  • An international cross-functional workshop was held to identify points of competitive advantage/differentiation.  These included product-centric factors such as quality, process, testing and traceability, as well as corporate factors such as service, product development expertise, and product availability.

  • Potential claim areas were investigated, documented, quantified and approved through corporate Legal and Regulatory authorities.

  • Resulting factors presented a compelling comprehensive story of superiority, which was converted to a highly memorable global campaign (‘Elements’) and integrated into customer and internal-facing communications, including web properties, Sales presentation materials, trade advertising and other events.  Trade communications were adapted for use depending on global region - and translated into 7 languages.

  • Special training sessions were held for Sales around the world, so that they were confident and effective in presenting to their customers.

  • An innovative online promotion (free to customers) and proprietary sweetener research provided unprecedented access to Marketing executives.


Quality Focus - Brazil (Portuguese)

B2B2C online promotion - free to customers

The Results:

  • Unprecedented access was gained to senior Marketing influencers in 29 of top 30 customers.

  • Due to this campaign, the team was able to demonstrate that SPLENDA® offered advantages that more than justified its price premium.

  • Tate & Lyle was able to retain its market share of the global sucralose market, and SPLENDA® actually grew globally by 20% over the next 3 years.