Repositioning a Luxury Brand

World Cat running.png


  • Niche leader in luxury offshore outboard catamarans ($100-400k at retail)

  • Solid market share but stalled

  • Weak image / awareness - and 3 brands

  • Reliance on tribal knowledge (vs. insight)


  • Amazing ride and obvious reason why

  • Operational constraints

  • Limited resources

Research provided key insights into catamaran owners:

  • Attitude-driven – confident, individualists

  • Function over form

  • Information junkies - analytical

  • High owner loyalty – consider ‘best performing’

  • Diverse sources of volume

  • “Pounding” is universal language for rough ride

  • 75% of monohull boaters not interested in catamarans

World Cat logo dev.png

Actions taken

  • Target low-hanging fruit - the 25% of boaters already curious

  • New look:  logo, tagline, website, catalog, boat appearance

  • Brand consolidation:  Support 1 brand vs 3

  • Compelling new breakthrough creative (leveraging visual / language insights from consumer research)

  • Dealer support: materials, photo/video, POS, boat shows, leads

  • Digital outreach / nurturing – new CRM system - and full cleaning of owner/prospect database

World Cat Before After.png


  • Market share increased over a full share point

  • Unit sales increased over 20% for 3 straight years

  • Profitability increased due to mix (larger boats)

  • Brand awareness more than doubled – in about 15 months

  • Active boater/prospect database more than doubled